Tidbits About Us

We are a team of 4 co-founders, all with a similar vision and passion for learning, creating, teaching and developing new and innovative projects. 

A team of creative and enterprising professionals, united by an idea that hasn't stop growing and expanding!  

All from various professional backgrounds. Combined together, our educational backgrounds paired with our years of experience offer a strong skillset in the fields of mental health; occupational health, safety and wellness; project management, training development; information technologies; electronics; digital fabrication; finance; fashion design and leather and textile craftsmanship!


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Both the global network of digital fabrication and the maker culture breathe new meaning to key values that have been at the heart of craftsmanship and the DIY culture for centuries.   

A driving desire to: 

  • learn,
  • innovate,
  • create and
  • share. 

Such key values and seeing them in action is what have drawn us to want to be a part of the Fab Lab and Maker culture and develop innovative and creative workshops that explore craftsmanship in the digital age. 


Our online platform aims to bridge the gap between the desire to become more creative and the know-how on where to start, how to start and how to finish a creative project.